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IATL Ghostcatchers – Threnody of Senescense (Part 2): Miracles of Fate

OPC discovers an ancient tome that will help him resurrect ghosts! He once again enlists Hatchet Man for an extensive extrapolation session… “That just screams Christmas like poinsettia-flavored Faygo.” ~Sulus the Buffalo Herder “Hatchet Man is an asshole.” ~Hagaki “This is your best video yet.” ~Nurse Ratched

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HMZ: Michael Ghosty Killed By Hatchet Man?

(HMZ Theatre) – It was revealed tonight at the event of the season, Sulus the Buffalo Herder’s Wedding, that his highly important Grooms Man, Michael Ghosty, was actually killed several years ago! This man of high honor received a solid blow from a sharp metal utensil from the one and only Hatchet Man! At first, […]

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HMZ: Sulus the Buffalo Herder Wants to Break 100 Mile 100 Beer Record

(HMZ) – This past week, a Canadian broke the mile/beer record, which Sulus the Buffalo Herder says has become quite the sensation around the office. The story brought him back to his youthful days, when slamming 100+ beers like Andre the Giant was a nightly affair. “Yeah, I had it in me to try and […]

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YouToobin’: Barricade

With National Barricade Day right around the corner (April 26th!), let’s take a look at what comes up on the YouTube networks when “Barricade” is searched: This video was posted on YouTube TODAY, so I will consider it another birthday gift to Sulus the Buffalo Herder (who we here at IATL hope will post about […]

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