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HMZ: Tower Revealed to be IATL Mystery Investor!

(Clinton River) – SWAT’s very own Tower has been revealed to be the IATL Mystery Investor at LAN Rave: Bash at the Beach: Hawaiian Style, via Compu-Fax Satellite. Going forward, the big thing going with IATL seems to be it’s new focus on bitcoin mining. “Get in on the bottom floor,” says Karl, who is […]

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HMZ: Mystery Investor Upset About Pawn Shop Footage

(Farmington, MI) – The IATL Anonymous Mystery Emergency Financial Management Investor is reportedly “highly upset” about the footage at the pawn shop that showed OPC exchanging the #IATLChampionship, then Dr. William H. Macy, Jr. re-exchanging the title later. The email that the IATL AMEFMI sent to Commissioner Gordon of the IATL Commission stated in part […]

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HMZ: IATL Mystery Investor To Be Revealed at LAN Rave: Bash at the Beach: Hawaiian Style

For the past few months, an Emergency Financial Manager has invested hard earned cold hard cash into the IATL Fund, albeit anonymously. The person has brought about great change to IATL. That is to say, he has imposed a budget so severe that IATL can only spend pennies on the dollar for any IATL happenings. […]

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