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HMZ: Hagaki Present at LAN Rave…But Something’s Off

(17 Mile) – LAN Rave: Bash at the Beach: Hawaiian Style has been one of the greatest nights in the HIStory of our sport. Lots of games were played (Duke Nukem 3D, Torchlight II), some sort of played (Dino Horde), and some not really by most (Quake Live). Tower, who was revealed to be the […]

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HMZ: Tower Revealed to be IATL Mystery Investor!

(Clinton River) – SWAT’s very own Tower has been revealed to be the IATL Mystery Investor at LAN Rave: Bash at the Beach: Hawaiian Style, via Compu-Fax Satellite. Going forward, the big thing going with IATL seems to be it’s new focus on bitcoin mining. “Get in on the bottom floor,” says Karl, who is […]

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HMZ: Tensions High for LAN Rave: Bash at the Beach: Hawaiian Style

(Freedom Hill) – With all the craziness going on in the IATL Universe as of late, the tension among the IATL Contingent has grown to levels not seen since the IATL Radio Explosion 4 years ago. As it stands, Hagaki might not be there at all, OPC may be unable to compete, Tower probably won’t […]

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