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Garage of Horrors – IATL Championship Final Battle

The chaos intermittent throughout the HMZ has led us to this road! Tonight, the IATL/HMZ Eternal Champion is crowned, after a gruesome battle in the Garage of Horrors!

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IATL Master Video List

Latest Videos IATL 48HFP 2017 Teaser – High Noon The Cart (2016) Bloopers & Outtakes Uncensored IATL “shout out” on the Local Vocals Podcast IATL Ghostcatchers – Reckless Abandon’d: Reverse the Curse (2016) Black Licorice (2015) Bloopers & Outtakes Uncensored From The Vault: IATL Slammingversary X iamthelaw.net Creation Story 5 GREAT HIT & RUNS IN IATL […]

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Hagaki Gauntlet – #IATLChampionship

Hagaki must defend his #IATLChampionship against his greatest adversary yet…HIMSELF!

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Royal Rumble Tuxedo Match

“Royal Rumble Tuxedo Match” for the #IATLChampionship!

“Royal Rumble Tuxedo Match” for the #IATLChampionship! Quick timeline: March 2014: OPC is fed up with Hagaki not defending the #IATLChampionship. OPC chases Hagaki all the way to Mt. Sinai to get him to put on the belt. Hagaki ends up getting knocked off Mt. Sinai and disappears. Two Days After: OPC returns to the […]

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Hagaki vs. Doc Macy, #IATLChampionship

Doc Macy finally returns from his siesta in Argentina, while Hagaki has been waiting to challenge Macy for the #IATLChampionship! YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

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HMZ: Karl – “I Forgot it Was My Birthday.”

(Sterling Heights via Troy, MI) – Karl, former #IATLChampion, one time #IATLMascot, forever #PureBagsChampion, Hacker for SWAT, non-writer for IATL/HMZ, and once known as Kalr!, has admitted that even he did not realize that today is in fact his birthday. “Yeah, this was not the first time I forgot it was my birthday either,” says […]

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This Day in IATL HIStory: Karl vs. OPC III: RainDance

Four years ago, on this night, Karl and OPC faced off in their 3rd IATL Championship bout. Check out the videos here: The match: Pre-Match Interviews: Here are some match “highlights”: You can also read the story of the match over at the IATLnewZ blog:   http://iatlnewz.tumblr.com/post/9898721933/the-history-of-the-iatl-championship-karl-vs-opc-iii

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PodBLAST – E-271

Published on Jan 30, 2013 IATL’s Ring Royalty is upon us as Hagaki, OPC, and off-screen Karl discuss their pics for the winners of the Royal Rumble PPV.

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