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Hagaki Gauntlet – #IATLChampionship

Hagaki must defend his #IATLChampionship against his greatest adversary yet…HIMSELF!

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HMZ: Doc Macy Claiming #HMZChampionship!

(HMZ Airport) – Since Hagaki regained the #IATLChampionship just a couple of months ago, approval was reached by IATL Financial Manager Tower and the IATL Commission for a brand spanking new #IATLChampionship belt. Though the new belt has made very few public appearances as of yet, it has replaced the old “Perfect Strangers Spinner” belt […]

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Royal Rumble Tuxedo Match

“Royal Rumble Tuxedo Match” for the #IATLChampionship!

“Royal Rumble Tuxedo Match” for the #IATLChampionship! Quick timeline: March 2014: OPC is fed up with Hagaki not defending the #IATLChampionship. OPC chases Hagaki all the way to Mt. Sinai to get him to put on the belt. Hagaki ends up getting knocked off Mt. Sinai and disappears. Two Days After: OPC returns to the […]

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#IATLChamp Doc Macy at HMZ Meijer

The #IATLChamp calls out Hagaki!

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Dr. William H. Macy, Jr. vs. OPC, #IATLChampionship

After a prolonging by Hatchet Man for some reason, here is Dr. William H. Macy, Jr. vs. OPC for the #IATLChampionship! How will this fare for the future of IATL?

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OPC v Hagaki V: The Battle at Mount Sinai

OPC v Hagaki’s final battle!

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HMZ: Michael Ghosty Killed By Hatchet Man?

(HMZ Theatre) – It was revealed tonight at the event of the season, Sulus the Buffalo Herder’s Wedding, that his highly important Grooms Man, Michael Ghosty, was actually killed several years ago! This man of high honor received a solid blow from a sharp metal utensil from the one and only Hatchet Man! At first, […]

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