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Garage of Horrors – IATL Championship Final Battle

The chaos intermittent throughout the HMZ has led us to this road! Tonight, the IATL/HMZ Eternal Champion is crowned, after a gruesome battle in the Garage of Horrors!

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Prem Stole My Bike


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IATL 48HFP 2017 Teaser – High Noon

One woman’s quest for resolution turns into a battle for supremacy!

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HMZ: Hagaki Ends Rubes’ Reign as NEW #IATLDreamChamp

(HMZ Subcon) – July 4, 2014, a day of Independence for America and Will Smith, and a day of champs. For it was on that day that Hagaki defeated Rubes’ for the #IATLDreamChampionship, a first for Hagaki, and ends Rubes’ four and a half month reign. Hagaki’s road to gold was not easy, however. The […]

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HMZ Breaking: Dr. William H. Macy, Jr. Defeats OPC, Defects with #IATLChampionship

(White Hill) – Mere hours after OPC was spotted leaving a pawn shop to exchange the #IATLChampionship for a Trillion Dollar Belt, and just days after defeating Hagaki to win said #Championship, Dr. William H. Macy, Jr. swiped in and defeated OPC in an impromptu #IATLChampionship match. In the wake of winning the #IATLChampionship over […]

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HMZ: OPC Defeats Hagaki, But At What Cost?

(Mesopotamia) – In an all out raging battle that saw OPC chase Hagaki all the way to Mount Sinai, OPC finally defeated Hagaki to capture the #IATLChampionship this past weekend for a record 4th time. This ended Hagaki’s approximate reign of 1234 days, the second longest in IATL HIStory. However, it was at the summit […]

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HMZ: OPC and Hagaki set to possibly face off tomorrow (hopefully)

(Waterford, MI) – After years of deliberating with Hagaki, OPC may face the #IATLChampion FINALLY, after, like, Hagaki not texting back or facebooking and stuff. It’s cray. Ever since OPC lost the #IATLChampionship to Hagaki at 4Saken in 2010, OPC has felt that Hagaki has done nothing to prove his worth as #IATLChampion. OPC backs […]

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IATL’s Other Championships

For nearly 10 years now, the #IATLChampionship has been the main attraction of everything IATL. Yeah yeah, that’s not saying much, but it gave us something to do. The #IATLChampionship has seen reigns from Hagaki, OPC, Karl, and an unofficial reign by DDRGirl.               But what about IATL’s other […]

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