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Garage of Horrors – IATL Championship Final Battle

The chaos intermittent throughout the HMZ has led us to this road! Tonight, the IATL/HMZ Eternal Champion is crowned, after a gruesome battle in the Garage of Horrors!

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Prem Stole My Bike


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IATL Ghostcatchers – Reckless Abandon’d: Reverse the Curse

Time is running out for the Ghostcatchers! Can they turn back the tide on the wickedness in the HMZ?

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IATL Master Video List

Latest Videos IATL 48HFP 2017 Teaser – High Noon The Cart (2016) Bloopers & Outtakes Uncensored IATL “shout out” on the Local Vocals Podcast IATL Ghostcatchers – Reckless Abandon’d: Reverse the Curse (2016) Black Licorice (2015) Bloopers & Outtakes Uncensored From The Vault: IATL Slammingversary X iamthelaw.net Creation Story 5 GREAT HIT & RUNS IN IATL […]

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IATL Ghostcatchers – Reckless Abandon’d

With so many businesses in the HMZ meeting the Reaper, the Ghostcatchers must do what they can to put a stop to this!

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IATL Ghostcatchers – Threnody of Senescense (Part 2): Miracles of Fate

OPC discovers an ancient tome that will help him resurrect ghosts! He once again enlists Hatchet Man for an extensive extrapolation session… “That just screams Christmas like poinsettia-flavored Faygo.” ~Sulus the Buffalo Herder “Hatchet Man is an asshole.” ~Hagaki “This is your best video yet.” ~Nurse Ratched

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The Hatchet Man Chronicles Return (Part II)

Hatchet Man sets out to right all the wrongs in the HMZ Universe! OPC and Doc Macy are in tow!

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The Hatchet Man Chronicles Return (Part I)

On this day, Super K-Mart in the HMZ has closed. OPC and Doc Macy want to right this injustice by summoning Hatchet Man once again and bring order to the HMZ…

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