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IATL’s Other Championships

For nearly 10 years now, the #IATLChampionship has been the main attraction of everything IATL. Yeah yeah, that’s not saying much, but it gave us something to do. The #IATLChampionship has seen reigns from Hagaki, OPC, Karl, and an unofficial reign by DDRGirl.               But what about IATL’s other […]

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Devil’s Night 2010: OPC vs. Hagaki IV: 4saken

 OPC vs. Hagaki IV: 4saken IATL Championship Match, Devil’s Night, 2010   Relive the final battle between OPC and Hagaki! Watch the buildup to the match as well:  

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HIStory: October 13, 2002: Outworld Launches

11 years ago today, Outworld launched as a subsidiary of IATL, becoming the first of several sites to be part of the short lived Law Web Ring (remember web rings? Why don’t nostalgia blogs ever bring up those?) Outworld’s main attraction was its ANALization feature, an over-glorified photo album where OPC would post nonsensical and sometimes inconsiderate […]

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Friday the 13th in HIStory

On Friday the 13th in AD 2010, OPC and Karl waged war in the final battle between the two. After season 1 of IATL The Webseries ended (but before the show’s cancellation due to OPC flipping out at the producers), Karl decided he wanted one more shot at glory in the IATL Championship, to which […]

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Wisdom from IATL’s History

On the topic of legal knowledge… Tower015: use it or lose it. Hagaki: is it true that if you dont use it that you will lose it? Hagaki: certiorari, it’s not just for breakfast Tower015: If Robocop were to meet Batman… Hagaki: or superman Tower015: “You’re a writ reviewing a proceeding from an inferior court!” Hagaki: i should just write a dialog […]

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