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Garage of Horrors – IATL Championship Final Battle

The chaos intermittent throughout the HMZ has led us to this road! Tonight, the IATL/HMZ Eternal Champion is crowned, after a gruesome battle in the Garage of Horrors!

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High Noon – Detroit 48 Hour Film Project 2017

An author is called upon to protect a friend, and ends up in a life or death situation!

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IATL Ghostcatchers – Reckless Abandon’d: Reverse the Curse

Time is running out for the Ghostcatchers! Can they turn back the tide on the wickedness in the HMZ?

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THE CART – {SCI-FI WINNER} 2016 Detroit 48 Hour Film Project

When a dilapidated city is overrun by a vicious street gang, an unlikely hero rises to wage war and bring the gang to justice.

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Hitler’s Brain & the Robot From Hell [SCI FI 48HFP DETROIT 2015]

Hitler’s Brain & the Robot From Hell [SCI FI 48HFP DETROIT 2015] –WINNER – Best Sci-Fi Robot (2015 Detroit 48 Hour Film Sci-Fi Project) http://www.48hourfilm.com/detroit-mi/scifi -Played at Bad Theater Fest / Bad Film Fest in Brooklyn, New York! http://badtheaterfest.com/fri-apr29-9pm/

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Black Licorice – Detroit 48 Hour Film Project 2015

The fifth 48 Hour Film Project by IATL Productions!

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IATL Presents: The Road Killers (48HFP Detroit 2014)

Straight from the 48 Hour Film Project of Detroit, IATL presents its latest production, The Road Killers! Watch the uncut film, or the “PG-13” censored version, for your enjoyment!

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Hagaki vs. Doc Macy, #IATLChampionship

Doc Macy finally returns from his siesta in Argentina, while Hagaki has been waiting to challenge Macy for the #IATLChampionship! YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

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