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HMZ: Dr. Vance On Security Cam At Pawn Shop With #IATLChampionship

(HMZ) (HMZ) – A security camera caught #IATLChampion Dr. William H. Macy, Jr. (who in the past has also been known to the #IATLUniverse as Dr. Vance, it’s shorter so we just go with that sometimes) entering a local pawn shop with the Trillion Dollar Championship and a Gold Dollar Sign Chain in hand. The same footage saw the […]

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HMZ Breaking: Dr. William H. Macy, Jr. Defeats OPC, Defects with #IATLChampionship

(White Hill) – Mere hours after OPC was spotted leaving a pawn shop to exchange the #IATLChampionship for a Trillion Dollar Belt, and just days after defeating Hagaki to win said #Championship, Dr. William H. Macy, Jr. swiped in and defeated OPC in an impromptu #IATLChampionship match. In the wake of winning the #IATLChampionship over […]

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POWER Blast: Chris Houlihan

Join OPC and Hagaki as they visit Dr. Vance in Texas to discuss Justin Bieber, ICP, iCarly, Scott Steiner, and bequeath to him several gifts! Plus, the trio make a trip to the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention! Whoop! Whoop! Chris Houlihan!

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The Hatchet Man Chronicles (Part II)

OPC and Dr. Vance search for Hatchet Man at an old stomping ground, looking for help along the way. It’s a strange world in which the Hatchet Man lives, but OPC and Dr. Vance pledge to fully understand it!

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The Hatchet Man Chronicles (Part I)

OPC and Dr. Vance are out trying to find the elusive Hatchet Man! What we know about Hatchet Man so far: -He only comes out at night -He enjoys most offerings left at his doorstep   Stick to iamthelaw.net for more of the Hatchet Man Chronicles!

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