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HMZ: Commissioner Gordon: “Just Finished!…With OPC v Hagaki #Blackbox Footage!”

(HMZ) – Commissioner Gordon of the #IATLCommission has just the left bathroom with the #Blackbox in tow. “It took me a long time, but I finally got done. With the footage, that is. From OPC and Hagaki’s fight. Yep.” “It’s going to have to be cleaned up a little, as the whole thing is a […]

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INTER-National Barricade Day 2014 Timeline

-Re-Read the #Blackbox Saga- April 26th 11:25 AM: #iNBD begins. Rob Ford woke up a little late. Choppers about to be deployed. At least eleven that we know about. #Blackbox 11:43 AM: Chris Christie has ended it brunch early on word that Ford has indeed launched the choppers. CC is heading to The Situation room. #BlackBox […]

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HMZ Update: KWAK Gets #Blackbox…Skips Town with it, Trillion Dollars

(Bay Area) – As per the mandate by Commissioner C. F. Gordon, KWAK made his way to the Sinai Peninsula in the M-102 Fighter to pick up the #Blackbox. However, the IATL Trillion Dollar Bill was not delivered to the people of S.P., and the current whereabouts of KWAK, the #Blackbox, and the Trillion Dollars […]

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