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HMZ: IATL Contingent Weighs in on INTER-National Barricade Day

(HMZ Riverside Extension) – Happy INTER-National Barricade Day!…Well, maybe not so Happy (sorry, Will Pharrell). Normally NBD is a time to have a BIG celebration, but this year a shocking scandal has rippled all across the IATL/HMZ/NBD landscape. For the first time, the Barricades seem to be tumbling down between the U.S./Canadian border! Mayor Rob Ford […]

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HMZ Update: Chris Christie Responds to #Blackbox Incident…And So Does Rob Ford!

(Jersey Turnpike) – After waiting well over 24 hours for a response from the New Jersey Governor, KWAK finally got Chris Christie to come out of wherever he was wedged by offering him at least half of the Trillion Dollars. In the mean time, word of the #Blackbox story did reach to Canada, where KWAK […]

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HMZ Update: KWAK Found with Trillion and #Blackbox…in New Jersey?

(Jersey Shore) – The OPC v Hagaki #Blackbox footage and IATL Trillion Dollar Bill are still intact! Oh yeah, and KWAK is alive with the M-102 Fighter…in Atlantic City, New Jersey. How the heck did he get there? “Yeah man, I tried to take the 8 Mile Portal back from London…but I did not have […]

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