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HMZ Update: KWAK Found with Trillion and #Blackbox…in New Jersey?

(Jersey Shore) – The OPC v Hagaki #Blackbox footage and IATL Trillion Dollar Bill are still intact! Oh yeah, and KWAK is alive with the M-102 Fighter…in Atlantic City, New Jersey. How the heck did he get there? “Yeah man, I tried to take the 8 Mile Portal back from London…but I did not have […]

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HMZ: KWAK Claims to Find Portal to 8 Mile…in London?

(Hart Plaza) – KWAK, who is still wandering around Europe claiming to be the real #IATLChampion, has laid claim to the discovery of a portal that leads from London all the way back to 8 Mile. “This is where the illegal Michigan 8 Mile Hip Hoppers enter London illegally. I am going to chase these […]

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HMZ: Mama’s Family Restaurant not owned by Vicki Lawrence

Mama’s Family Restaurant, an elite diner on 8 Mile Road near Gratiot in Detroit, is not actually owned by Vicki Lawrence as once thought. In a super secret interview for HMZ, OPC learned the truth. “Yeah, I never even heard of the place. Truth be told, it probably has nothing to do with the show […]

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