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IATL Master Video List

Latest Videos IATL 48HFP 2017 Teaser – High Noon The Cart (2016) Bloopers & Outtakes Uncensored IATL “shout out” on the Local Vocals Podcast IATL Ghostcatchers – Reckless Abandon’d: Reverse the Curse (2016) Black Licorice (2015) Bloopers & Outtakes Uncensored From The Vault: IATL Slammingversary X Creation Story 5 GREAT HIT & RUNS IN IATL […]

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OPC, Hagaki, and even Karl take time out of their busy IATL/HMZ schedules to attend SGC, the biggest party in gaming! Watch as Hagaki POWERs up for his battle with #IATLChamp Dr. William H. Macy, Jr.!

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POWER Blast: Chris Houlihan

Join OPC and Hagaki as they visit Dr. Vance in Texas to discuss Justin Bieber, ICP, iCarly, Scott Steiner, and bequeath to him several gifts! Plus, the trio make a trip to the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention! Whoop! Whoop! Chris Houlihan!

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IATL PodBLAST! – C-22 – 4/20/13

OPC and hagaki unite for the final PodBLAST..POWER BLAST, to reveal a big secret, along with their usual commentary on movies, video games, wrestling, life, and upcoming projects!

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PodBLAST – O-2

The entirety of SWAT shows up for Tower’s birthday! OPC, Hagaki, Karl!, and yes, TOWER!, are all together to discuss IATL things, eat cake, and even a female (simply known as K) shows up…A FEMALE!

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PodBLAST – M-59

Published on Feb 10, 2013 Join OPC and Hagaki on the ride of your life as they take you down M-59/Hall Road in Metro Detroit, Michigan.

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PodBLAST – E-271

Published on Jan 30, 2013 IATL’s Ring Royalty is upon us as Hagaki, OPC, and off-screen Karl discuss their pics for the winners of the Royal Rumble PPV.

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PodBLAST – B-52

Published on Jan 25, 2013 Hagaki takes a visit down to OPC’s abode in the first ever super HD video IATL PodBLAST!

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