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The Face of Humanity’s Extinction: Attack on Titan

  An anime that you have to see is Attack on Titan. Yes, you may have overheard someone talk about it already, or maybe you have seen this commercial: When I sat down to watch the first episode I was a bit skeptical. I was not sure how I felt about it, but I followed […]

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facebook pokes

HMZ: The Poke War is on!

In a secret world that has been lost, OPC and Mikki Lee team up to be the all time “poke” champions. There was a time on the social-networking site Facebook that virtual “pokes” were a way of saying, “Hello, I’m annoying” or “Pay attention to me”. Now there is a secret battle raging on after […]

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Classy Anime Reviews: SEKIREI

  Holy tits, Batman! This anime is all about the tits and panty shots. Fan service all around! Though, I would say this is borderline soft porn, because I definitely wouldn’t let a 13 year-old watch this show. It reminds me of when my sister and I were cruising Netflix one night. We were bored […]

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