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2017: The Year of Vin Diesel

Happy New Year from all of IATL! We hope to have a few more content additions this year! For now, you can look forward to Mark “Vin Diesel” Sinclair returning as Xander Cage in “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”, Dominic “Dom” Toretto in the “The Fate of the Furious”, and the voice of Baby Groot […]

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HMZ: Philip Seymour Hoffman spotted posthumously

During a delicious sit down meal at his local Pizza Hut, Hagaki spotted none other than the now deceased Philip Seymour Hoffman while OPC took his single trip to the salad bar.  Before they could approach him, Hoffman had left with his carryout order. Hagaki was also disappointed in the lack of any “old arcade […]

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Classic-New Double Switch – Who told ya?

Summer is coming! The team of OPC & hagaki, aka Double Switch, have released a classic track from years past! Get it now off Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes!! Amazon!   Spotify!   iTunes!  

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OPC & Hagaki’s first Single “Durkheim” out!

After the longest winter, the team of OPC & hagaki, collectively known as Double Switch, have released their first single, “Durkheim”! Get it now off Amazon!  Soon to be on Spotify and iTunes!  More music in the coming weeks and months! Get it now on Amazon!

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Price of Gaming: Season Pass or Cheaper by the Dozen?

If you’re the type to always want to play the hottest new game, of course gaming can be pricey.  But what if you’re just a casual gamer?  Or what if there’s that one that catches your eye?  I’ve seen an interesting trend in gaming lately that has me a bit concerned for the future: The […]

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The 5 Most Entertaining Sega CD Games

Ah, the Sega CD.  Even being a huge Sega fanboy my entire life, I remember very little about the Sega CD’s initial release or promotion.  I do remember the first time I saw the system though.  Sitting in my friend’s brother’s basement bedroom, I sat in awe of the mighty Sega CD, sitting underneath a […]

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Beautiful Places I’ll Never Visit: Myst Island

There’s a place where the water is crystal clear for as far as the eye can see.  Beautiful sandy beaches surround you on one side, looming mountains on the other.  There’s not much wildlife, at least not until the sequel, but the crashing waves and backdrop create pure serenity.  There’s signs of civilization  but none is […]

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Not Another Re-design

  IATL is back! Looking different for the 3rd time this year already. Looking different for maybe the 14th? 15th? time ever. But this time, it’s a more than just a fresh coat of paint. As you can see, we’re back with a few new voices. And maybe a few more in time too. This […]

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