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IATL Ghostcatchers – Threnody of Senescense (Part 1)

OPC teams up with a longtime rival in order to find some longtime ghosts!

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HMZ: Doc Macy Claiming #HMZChampionship!

(HMZ Airport) – Since Hagaki regained the #IATLChampionship just a couple of months ago, approval was reached by IATL Financial Manager Tower and the IATL Commission for a brand spanking new #IATLChampionship belt. Though the new belt has made very few public appearances as of yet, it has replaced the old “Perfect Strangers Spinner” belt […]

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IATL Ghostcatchers Episode III Trailer!

A new episode of IATL Ghostcatchers will be unveiled sometime this month! Plus, a special guest Ghostcatcher pulls up his pants and enters the ghosty madness! Who might it be? Find out when IATL Ghostcatchers returns!

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