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“Royal Rumble Tuxedo Match” for the #IATLChampionship!

“Royal Rumble Tuxedo Match” for the #IATLChampionship! Quick timeline: March 2014: OPC is fed up with Hagaki not defending the #IATLChampionship. OPC chases Hagaki all the way to Mt. Sinai to get him to put on the belt. Hagaki ends up getting knocked off Mt. Sinai and disappears. Two Days After: OPC returns to the […]

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Hagaki vs. Doc Macy, #IATLChampionship

Doc Macy finally returns from his siesta in Argentina, while Hagaki has been waiting to challenge Macy for the #IATLChampionship! YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

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Bo HeMyth’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Bo HeMyth made his first appearance for IATL in The Road Killers. Now, watch as Bo HeMyth takes on the ice bucket challenge…and has a moment of pseudo Déjà vu when a familiar masked figure shows up to ruin the party!

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