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The Road Killers Trailer

IATL’s latest production, The Road Killers, part of the 48 Hour Film Project, is now complete! Check out the trailer above!

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OPC, Hagaki, and even Karl take time out of their busy IATL/HMZ schedules to attend SGC, the biggest party in gaming! Watch as Hagaki POWERs up for his battle with #IATLChamp Dr. William H. Macy, Jr.!

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Party! Every 1’s a Winner at SGC 2014!!!

Hagaki, Karl, and OPC all partied hard this past week at SGC in Dallas, TX!!!

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SGC 2014! WOO!

Hey everybody! Props if you came to visit this site after a 3DS Street Pass! IATL is basically a website solely for making stuff that we here enjoy. This includes videos, music, and other stuff we might write about. Most of the articles on this site come from a few people, but we will always welcome […]

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HMZ: Hagaki Ends Rubes’ Reign as NEW #IATLDreamChamp

(HMZ Subcon) – July 4, 2014, a day of Independence for America and Will Smith, and a day of champs. For it was on that day that Hagaki defeated Rubes’ for the #IATLDreamChampionship, a first for Hagaki, and ends Rubes’ four and a half month reign. Hagaki’s road to gold was not easy, however. The […]

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