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HMZ: Philip Seymour Hoffman Spotted Posthumously at Hockey Hall of Fame

(Toronto, ON) – During a routine visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, OPC spotted none other than the now deceased Philip Seymour Hoffman as OPC was looking for the puck-shooting area which used to have a Blockbuster Video logo behind it. Hoffman was staring at an old Houston Aeros jersey before making […]

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(Detroit) – It may be the weekend, but HMZ never sleeps!  Reports are coming in from IATL coffee aficionados regarding a recent hagaki sighting at their local Starbucks Coffeetorium. “It was so odd” Barista Julie Newmar remarked.  “He normally orders a Grande Iced Coffee, unsweetened.  Today he ordered a Grande Vanilla Soy Iced Macchiato. I’d […]

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HMZ Breaking: Biebz Arrested For DUI in HMZ

(HMZ) – The Biebz, who is already under international hot water for his erratic behavior as of late, has been arrested for DUI yet again, this time in the HMZ. Biebz was driving his Lamberghatti Fasterossa on Gratiot when we was pulled over by HMZ police, where he blew well over four times the legal […]

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HMZ: Denton Explosion Not Linked to IATL Terrorists

(Denton, TX) – HMZ has received word from #IATLChampion Dr. William H. Macy, Jr. of an explosion 90 miles high that has occurred over the skyline of Denton, North of Dallas, Texas. “I was just out walking my cats when I saw these ominous clouds over Texas. Immediately, I thought these were the work of […]

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facebook pokes

HMZ: The Poke War is on!

In a secret world that has been lost, OPC and Mikki Lee team up to be the all time “poke” champions. There was a time on the social-networking site Facebook that virtual “pokes” were a way of saying, “Hello, I’m annoying” or “Pay attention to me”. Now there is a secret battle raging on after […]

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HMZ: Mystery Investor Reveals Secret Cache of ‘Mt. Gox’s’ Bitcoins!

(DETROIT) – IATL recently unveiled the Mystery Investor as none other than IATL’s own Tower.    We have an exclusive article written by the Mystery Investor telling about his experience with Bitcoin, investing, Mt. Gox, and mystery.   Here’s what he had to say:   Tower:  When I came to myself and asked if I […]

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HMZ: KWAK – “8 Mile Hip Hopping is all over in Europe”

(United Kingdom) – IATL Informant and  #WannabeIATLChampion KWAK has sent word that he has found various places throughout Europe that have been invaded by the 8 Mile Hip Hoppers! In France, one particular 8 Mile Hip Hopper known as “Joker” (unrelated to ICP’s Joker cards, but maybe he knows of IATL’s Jester cards) encourages everyone […]

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HMZ: Hulk Hogan – “I spray painted ‘nWo’ behind Major Magic’s”

(Super K-Mart) – “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan has admitted to spray painting the letters “nWo” behind Major Magic’s as well as Dunham’s well over a decade ago. “Yeah, I was pretty down in the dumps at the time, brother. WrestleMania III had been such a glorious event that I wanted to relive it by spray painting […]

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