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Classic-New Double Switch – Who told ya?

Summer is coming! The team of OPC & hagaki, aka Double Switch, have released a classic track from years past! Get it now off Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes!! Amazon!   Spotify!   iTunes!  

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SGC – The Memory Will Never Die

Check out this video I edited after the trip to SGC (with some clips from past SGCs): It even made ScrewAttack’s main page! Here’s the direct link–The-Memory-Will-Never-Die-11940746

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POWER Blast: Chris Houlihan

Join OPC and Hagaki as they visit Dr. Vance in Texas to discuss Justin Bieber, ICP, iCarly, Scott Steiner, and bequeath to him several gifts! Plus, the trio make a trip to the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention! Whoop! Whoop! Chris Houlihan!

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The OPC Shredder: “Breaking Home the Bouncers”

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The OPC Shredder: “I gotta pick up my subwoofers!”

A little bit about the OPC Shredder: this is mostly an experiment. Some videos might be heavily edited, some very minimally. Will any of it be good? This is IATL we’re talking about. You judge, you.

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OPC & Hagaki’s first Single “Durkheim” out!

After the longest winter, the team of OPC & hagaki, collectively known as Double Switch, have released their first single, “Durkheim”! Get it now off Amazon!  Soon to be on Spotify and iTunes!  More music in the coming weeks and months! Get it now on Amazon!

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The Hatchet Man Chronicles (Part VIII)

Hatchet Man has left the building!

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