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Classy Anime Reviews: SEKIREI



Holy tits, Batman! This anime is all about the tits and panty shots. Fan service all around! Though, I would say this is borderline soft porn, because I definitely wouldn’t let a 13 year-old watch this show. It reminds me of when my sister and I were cruising Netflix one night. We were bored and wanted to check out some new anime. We stumbled upon Queens Blade, and let me tell you! We had such a hard time making it through the first episode without laughing our heads off. Seriously, it was horrible acting and so much nudity and sexual innuendos it was hilarious. Let’s just say this anime is right up there with Queens Blade and other animes like it.


The anime is about some alien race called the Sekirei that has ended up on the Earth (yes, what strange aliens haven’t ended up here before? Can you say DearS?). The story starts off with a single young man, Minato, that is down on his luck having failed his entrance exam once again. As he’s walking he makes a comment about how he will never get a girlfriend at this rate, low and behold! A girl, Musubi, comes falling out of the sky seconds later only to  land on him with her crotch in his face (typical down on luck boy meets beautiful girl. This reminds me of Ah! My Goddess! and many others). Of course he gets mixed up in this alien fighting game by becoming the owner, “Ashikabi”, of this busty, somewhat ditzy Musubi. Now they must fight the other aliens so that she can take their Minato to the higher sky above! All I can say is, WTF!?


When I watch an anime there are a few things I like to go by when rating. I guess I use the five star system with the main focus being storyline, characters and the voice acting. Of course there are other things that can win me over like the soundtrack and the animation technique used, but without the three main elements the anime is just lacking. I believe the first few episodes of an anime is the best selling point. If they can’t snare your attention then, they won’t be able to hold it throughout the next 12-25+ episodes. So I like to give new anime the first 3-5 episodes to get an overall understanding of the characters and the direction of the story. If I really like something I will watch the entire thing. Occasionally, though, there are times when I find it hard to make it past the first episode. This anime is one of them.


Like I stated above, I couldn’t make it past the first episode. I just kept saying “What… what… WHAT!?” to all the horrible lines being delivered and the simple storyline. The characters are your typical down on his luck Minato, that happens to live in a boys only apartment (which is always a set up for him being kicked out when the cute girl comes along). I’m pretty sure later in the series he will become Ashikabi to more big, busty Sekirei pining for his attention and wont know what to do with himself. The alien girl, Musubi, is flighty, largely breasted and I don’t know how to explain this. She’s just so unrealistic. She wakes up one morning next to him and removes the shirt she borrowed from him as PJs and then continues to stick her large breasts in his face. Come on, seriously? Use some tact, girl! I know a lot of guys like the innocent girl characters, but this is not being innocent whatsoever, far from it. The two sister Sekirei that are after her came off as having simple forced lines. The kind of lines where they have to explain everything they’re doing or thinking. Of course there is a guy calling all the shots for this fight between the Sekirei. He is the crazy sort of creepy head-honcho character. All I can gather from this first episode is that there is going to be more, tits, crotch shots, awkward fights, and typically leading you up to nowhere. Did I mention, Musubi has to swap saliva/kiss Minato in order to summon her full powers? Yeah… awkward fights, I can see it now. “Come on, bring it on, B-! Oh, wait a minute. I need to go kiss my man in order to summon my full potential! MUAH!”.


I watched the first episode in both Japanese and English. I’m not sure which I like better. The lines made more sense in Japanese, where the English lines were more forced and random. The only thing I noticed was that they did use some good voice actors for some of the characters. Minato is voiced by Joel McDonald,  who voiced Jacuzzi in Baccano! (one of my favorite characters in that series). Some other amazing voice actors I noticed listed for the series are Chuck Hurber, Cherami Leigh, Jerry Jewell, Todd Haberkorn, Monica Rial, Tia Ballard, Maxey Whitehead, Eric Vale and Luci Christian. The music didn’t strike me as anything amazing and the animation isn’t anything special either. Overall, I give this anime…sek3

Why? Cause it lacked a good original storyline along with well developed characters. Nothing in particular stood out for me (unless you count the large  tits constantly in your face). Maybe if I was able to watch further into the series things may pick up, but like I said before, it’s the first episode that sells it. I have a feeling I won’t be able to stand all the random ripping of clothes and large breasts bouncing around. It’d be too hard for me to take it seriously.


I’m not saying that there aren’t some people out there that love this type of anime. Some love scifi, mecha, hentai, romance, action and the list goes on. Everyone has their little nitch, but for me this just doesn’t fall into mine. If I want tits and fan service, I tend to lean towards RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne and High School of the Dead. They have stronger storylines and better character development in my opinion. I personally wouldn’t watch this anime unless I’m bored and need a laugh.



Gotta catch ’em all!


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