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OPC’s Reviews: WWE Films Barricade

On the last stop on the National Barricade Day train, OPC watches the WWE flick Barricade on DVD. Here are his uncut reaction’s (as well as Kay’s) as he watches the movie, in chronological order. If you dare, you can watch the movie and read along!










-We’re off to a great start, as this packaging has the Recycle logo indented, but not stamped out. The E in WWE stands for Environment.

-“Barricade” is typed out; I thought it would say “b4rr1c4d3”.

-This city establishment shot reminds me of E.T.

-“This is 40” on a budget.

-Is that a potpourri vaccuum on the wall?

-They’re showing the road to WrestleMania. Very barren.

-Violin soundtrack. Insert violin joke here.

-Is this the Alan Wake lodge?

-“Wrongfully Accused” store scene, “I have a meeting at the um men’s room”.

-Maybe they will run into Clark Griswold on the road to WrestleMania.

-I keep expecting Jack Frost or the Sasquatch or Mr. Murdock (in the den) or Goldberg to come out

-Now I’m getting a Shining vibe. Or, probably more accurately, the Simpsons Halloween episode with the Shinning.

-Dead cat on the wall! He must have seen this movie before us.

-Maybe the M&M’s guys are coming out from under the Christmas tree.

-This movies makes me wish I was watching Home Alone 2. If it makes me wish I was watching Home Alone 4, I quit.

-I hope Tutti doesn’t get stuck in that fridge.

-Welp, they go in the basement, and I’m reminded of the McCallister’s scary furnace. That’s 2 out of 4.

-The kid had a dream about It. Maybe Doink is going to make an appearance.

-“Panic! He doesn’t have cell phone service!” ~Kay

-Beatlejuice is in that attic.

-“I’m bored…let’s watch X-Files! Are you gonna type that?” ~Kay

-This cabin they are knocking on now reminds me of the Cigarette Smoking Man. Great.

–Also Sub-Zero in the Mortal Kombat: Legacy series. Snow reminds me of a lot of things, I guess.

-Snow barricade, yep. “It’s not snowing hard enough for that to happen. Whoever made this movie clearly does not live in the NorNinja Turth.” ~Kay

-Another reminder of a Simpsons ep, the one where it snows so much that the kids are stuck in Springfield Elementary. Mr. Plow is going to save everybody here, isn’t he?

-What is this, Barricade? No, it’s Doom 3.

-They go in the bathroom, and I’m expecting this guy to remove his face and reveal he is Mrs. Doubtfire.

-This guy really likes his lamp. ECW general manager Tiffany might not like him wanting to use it as a weapon though.

-Is this the same house where they shot Halloween: Resurrection? That’s not Busta Rhymes at the door though.

-Ok, I’m reminded of the TV show Vegas that was on NBC about 8 years ago, when that guy flew away from the door. This movie is just a bunch of other things cut into one thing.

-Ooh boy! Now’s he making a WOOD barricade! What are barricades can we have?

-“Nothing’s gonna get in this bathroom”. Except the Kool-Aid man.

-Is that Goofus and Gallant wallpaper?

-Pulling up a storm grate. Begin Turtles references now.

-See? Told you Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is bad for you.

-This is the same attic from that video where the cat pushed the other cat off the ladder.

-He just fell through the floor, like that one episode with the bath tub in Breaking Bad. BTW, Alberto Del Rio could be more credible as a, well, anything, if he was kind of like that one mob guy whose name I forget (the one that killed Gus’s friend in the past. Spoiler alert!)

-Ooh boy, more violons!

-SMACK! That looked painful, I’ll give this movie that.

–Is this really what’s going to kill her though? I bashed my head on a steel beam before, and I turned out steel beam.

-This kid is preparing to be like Brock Lesnar as a kid by taking an ice bath. He probably thought his mom was recreating Lesnar’s SSP at WrestleMania XIX.

-AGAIN reminded of Clark Griswold, when he was in the attic watching old home movies. Somehow, I have not been reminded of Christmas Vacation 2 just yet.

–I suppose the bath tub could remind me of that. It could, but then I would just be pulling at strings.

-What’s this guy’s name? Shay? I bought this movie, I knew what I was getting into. I say, let ’em crash!

–I had to look that up, he was actually speaking to Shana. Airplane! reference for the unitiated.

-“Pills! Pills!” ~Left 4 Dead. Max Payne.

-Welp, the movie ended. I have no idea what happened, I really wasn’t paying attention. An ambulance drove away though, making that the second barricade and ambulance deal today for IATL.

-The main’s guy’s name was Terrence Shade. It took me until the credits to figure that out.

Well that’s it! Happy National Barricade Day everybody!



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