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YouToobin’: Barricade

With National Barricade Day right around the corner (April 26th!), let’s take a look at what comes up on the YouTube networks when “Barricade” is searched:

This video was posted on YouTube TODAY, so I will consider it another birthday gift to Sulus the Buffalo Herder (who we here at IATL hope will post about Buffalo herding in the future). I can’t hear a word of it because my dishwasher is running, and the fellow filmed it in long screen mode as well, but he reviews the Nerf BARRICADE RV-10. I wonder if it is sponsored by Louie Anderson?

I didn’t watch this video, and I wouldn’t recommend viewing the whole thing either; I simply posted it for the title, “DEMON SEED NATIONAL GUARD BARRICADE INCIDENT 11/6/2011”. It fulfills both “National” and “Barricade” for National Barricade Day, and brings to mind Castlevania III’s Demon Seed song.

Finally, to honor Sulus the Buffalo Herder‘s birthday, searching “buffalo barricade” brings up this video of a buffalo walking down the road at Yellowstone.

Be sure to come back for National Barricade Day!

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