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The Hatchet Man Chronicles (Part III)

OPC and Dr. Vance (under his pseudonym William H. Macy) continue to entice the presence of the Hatchet Man!

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Classy Anime Reviews: SEKIREI

  Holy tits, Batman! This anime is all about the tits and panty shots. Fan service all around! Though, I would say this is borderline soft porn, because I definitely wouldn’t let a 13 year-old watch this show. It reminds me of when my sister and I were cruising Netflix one night. We were bored […]

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OPC’s Reviews: WWE Films Barricade

On the last stop on the National Barricade Day train, OPC watches the WWE flick Barricade on DVD. Here are his uncut reaction’s (as well as Kay’s) as he watches the movie, in chronological order. If you dare, you can watch the movie and read along!                 -We’re […]

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IATL Ghostcatchers Episode 2 – Summit Place Madness

OPC and Tower head to the Summit Place Mall in Waterford, MI to search for the ghost of a mall walker. Will this dead mall produce the ghastly spirit? Or will the spirit of the Ghostcatchers be crushed?

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It’s April 26th! Happy National Barricade Day!

It’s April 26th! Happy National Barricade Day! Go check out the newly launched NBD Barricade tumblr! Think TMZ, but with barricades! We have a bloated agenda tonight, with the NEW Ghostcatchers episode being unleashed this afternoon, and a review of the WWE Film “Barricade” this evening! Enjoy your National Barricade Day!!!

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YouToobin’: Barricade

With National Barricade Day right around the corner (April 26th!), let’s take a look at what comes up on the YouTube networks when “Barricade” is searched: This video was posted on YouTube TODAY, so I will consider it another birthday gift to Sulus the Buffalo Herder (who we here at IATL hope will post about […]

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IATL Ghostcatchers Episode 1 – The Legend of Mole Man Jenkum

Episode 2 of IATL Ghostcatchers will unleash its ghastly presence this Friday, April 26th, aka National Barricade Day! Here is the first episode, released on Halloween 2012, to bide you over until Friday! If you missed it as well, here is the trailer for Episode 2:

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The Hatchet Man Chronicles (Part II)

OPC and Dr. Vance search for Hatchet Man at an old stomping ground, looking for help along the way. It’s a strange world in which the Hatchet Man lives, but OPC and Dr. Vance pledge to fully understand it!

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