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You can tell a lot about a person…

…by the way they load their dishwasher. Things I tend to look for are initially, whether the person starts loading it from the back of the rack, filling it up towards the front or not.    That tells me something about your ability to relate consequences on a progressive endeavor.  Loading it from the front to […]

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This Day in IATL HIStory: Karl vs. OPC III: RainDance

Four years ago, on this night, Karl and OPC faced off in their 3rd IATL Championship bout. Check out the videos here: The match: Pre-Match Interviews: Here are some match “highlights”: You can also read the story of the match over at the IATLnewZ blog:

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OPC’s ANALizations: Metal Gear Solid V Reveal Trailer

The ANALizations have returned with a revamped style. Let’s take a quick look at the Metal Gear Solid V Reveal Trailer. You can watch the trailer over at GameTrailers: here   I swear, that guy in the backward really looks like Robert T.S. from Ninja Gaiden II on NES.   This guy has some TMNT […]

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Beautiful Places I’ll Never Visit: Myst Island

There’s a place where the water is crystal clear for as far as the eye can see.  Beautiful sandy beaches surround you on one side, looming mountains on the other.  There’s not much wildlife, at least not until the sequel, but the crashing waves and backdrop create pure serenity.  There’s signs of civilization  but none is […]

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IATL Ghostcatchers Episode 2 Trailer!

That’s right, IATL Ghostcatchers returns!   Be sure to check it out on National Barricade Day 2013, April 26th! If you haven’t seen it, here is the first episode of IATL Ghostcatchers:

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The Matrix Revolutions is Robocop 10

  All of these movies are built on a generation of action and sci-fi that was simply fantastic and simultaneously awful.   Rising from that rich history, as well as the freetime of some of of the best people I know, a theory has been compiled to bridge together these films into one cohesive plot. […]

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Not Another Re-design

  IATL is back! Looking different for the 3rd time this year already. Looking different for maybe the 14th? 15th? time ever. But this time, it’s a more than just a fresh coat of paint. As you can see, we’re back with a few new voices. And maybe a few more in time too. This […]

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IATL Klassiks: Hacksaw Jim Duggan beats people up

    Let’s take a look in the Wayback Machine to a post from April 8th, 2003, from the Weekly Funny 2 section. Remember that?   Wow, i’ve been really busy/lazy lately!  I need more ideas and some more time and inspiration!  Oh wells!!!! Keep reading them and i will keep making them, and you […]

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